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  • Star Trek Adventures: These are the Voyages Adventure Compendium Volume 1

Star Trek Adventures: These are the Voyages Adventure Compendium Volume 1

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Your continuous mission: To explore strange, new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldy go where no one has gone before.

These Are the Voyages - Mission Compendium Volume 1 presents eight ready-to-play missions for Star Trek Adventures RPG. Within this book, Gamemasters will find the means to test their Starfleet officers at the front line of Starfleet operations.

• Uncover the truth about an anomalous wormhole that has trapped an older Starfleet vessel

• Rescue a Federation science vessel, drifting dangerously close inside the Romulan Neutral Zone, avoiding an escalation of war

• Investigate strange events on Carina VII, where a colony is rapidly disintegrating around its foundations

• Explore a strange alien space station, containing a massive forest eco-system of its own.

• Weigh up the dilemma of the Prime Directive with an intelligent species that originates outside the confines of normal space and time, subjugated by another civilization.

• Foil plans to spread a long-dead plague and uncover the truths of its origin

• Stop the theft of an experimental torpedo and pursue its thieves to expose their plot

• Respond to a distress signal from a mining colony in revolt and discover new life in its mines

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