Firestorm Armada

Join us every Monday evening for Firestorm Armada open play! (6pm-10pm)

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Great Selection

Game Nite strives to be St. Louis' best Friendly Local Game Store featuring a great selection of board games, card games, tabletop miniatures, and role-playing games.

In-Store Events

Game Nite offers a full schedule of fun in-store events from casual open-play to organized tournaments and leagues.  Be sure to check out our event calendar for details.

Community Outreach

Game Nite is active in our community hosting "Game Days" for civic and youth organizations both on-site and off-site. We also sponsor a number of local gaming groups.

Game Nite's New and Used Game Silent Auction

Game Nite is hosting a New and Used Game Silent Auction on July 11th and 12th!

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Turn those old games gathering dust into new games at Game Nite’s New and Used Game Silent Auction! Bring in your gently used games, mini figures or armies, RPG books, or other table top gaming related items down to Game Nite today!  


Auction Date: Saturday and Sunday, July 11th-12th, 2015


Bringing in your items:

·       You may drop off your lots from July 2nd - July 9th between 10:00am until 10:00pm.

·       We will store them securely for you until the bidding begins.

·       Please fill out a "Seller Registration Form". (Available at the front counter, ask one of our friendly staff members for this form or you may download a copy here.)


Bidding on items:

·       You may bid on lots starting at 10:00am on Saturday, July 11th until 9:00pm on Sunday, July 12th.

·       The first bidder cannot bid lower than the minimum bid amount on any lot

o   The minimum bid amount is determined by the seller.

o   The minimum bid must be in whole dollar ($1.00) amounts.

·       Bidding for each lot increases in $1.00 increments.

·       Highest bidder for each lots wins!

·       Any bid submitted after 9:00pm on July 12th will be null and void.

·       If your lots sell you will have the choice of receiving either 100% of the value in store credit or 75% of the value in cash.


Claiming your *new* items:

·       You may claim your lots that you bid on and won beginning at 10:00am on Monday, July 13th until 9:00pm Sunday, July 19th.

·       You MUST pay for your lots that you won first before you can take them home.

·       All lots not paid for and claimed by 9:00pm on July 19th will be offered to the 2nd highest bidder. They will have one week to pay for and claim the lot(s). However, if the lot(s) remains lots will be returned to the seller. 

About Game Nite

Game Nite is the St. Louis region's premier Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) specializing in board games, card games, tabletop miniatures, and role-playing games.

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